Gabriel and the baby cat NEO during the performance Marian Antiphons III at the Cova da Iria in Fátima, Portugal.



GABRIEL is a tale by Edwin William Moes and Julian Malte Hatem Schindele. The main character of this story is called Gabriel and is embodied by Moes.

Gabriel’s pilgrimage began on 15th September 2015 in Egelshoek 12 (Hilversum) in the Netherlands. It is continuing to this day. As work of art, this pilgrimage bears the title WEG.

On 13th November, while he was crossing France on the Way of St. James, there had been terror attacks in Paris. Gabriel witnessed the transforming of the squares in the country’s villages and towns into a sea of mourning, lights, and flowers....

Exhibition cycle

μυθοποίηση – mythopoesis

The exhibition cycle mythopoesis (translated roughly as 'myth-making') began in February 2020 in the exhibition space Bublitz Thesaurós on Uhlandstraße in Berlin. The group exhibition Tempel auf Zeit [Temporary Tempel] was followed by the solo exhibitions GABRIEL - Marianische Antiphonen I and the two-part exhibition The Mythology of Michal Martychowiec: News from the Last Man and Josephine, entering the maze.

μυθοποίηση – mythopoesis | Nachricht vom letzten Menschen

Bublitz Objects

Bublitz Objects is the mediation platform of Bublitz. Here you can find luminescent details about artworks and their creators. You can also purchase artworks by the four Thesaurós artists here.


Hilarion Manero

Thanks to the constantly effective miracle assumed by myth, the waking day of a people who are stimulated by myth, as the ancient Greeks were, does indeed resemble dream more than it does the day of a thinker whose mind has been sobered by science. If, one day, any tree may speak as a nymph, or if a god can carry off virgins in the guise of a bull, if the goddess Athene herself is suddenly seen riding on a beautiful chariot in the company of Pisistratus through the market-places of Athens - and that was what the honest Athenian believed - then anything is possible at any time....."

Man with Woman and Bird, oil on wood, 2007


Elshan Ghasimi

Elshan Ghasimi is a Persian musician, composer and performance artist. She studied in Tehran and Baku (with Mohammad-Reza Lotfi, Dariush Talai, Hossein Alizadeh, among others) and is one of the few female masters of the tar worldwide.

Exhibition cycle

Elies Miniatures

When El Arbi Bouqdib passed away in March of 2016 in Bremen, Germany, he left many secrets yet to be unveiled. In order to manage and structure his estate, Bublitz founded the El Arbi Bouqdib Archive in 2017. As part of Bublitz Thesaurós, the Archive’s role is to report on and publicize the life and work of the biochemist, mystic, Qur’an researcher and poet.

In the summer of 2018, a new format and exhibition cycle premiered: Elies Miniatures. Based on the compositions of the classical Persian musician Elshan Ghasimi, the exhibition cycle interweaves classical music with various artistic genres and the divergent work of several authors.

A statement about the Mnemosyne project

"In Europe, history and a vision of the future are very closely linked. Europe‘s promise revolves around two decisive transformations:

1. From war to peace – from European history we learn that erstwhile mortal enemies become peacefully coexisting and closely cooperating neighbours.
2. From coercion to freedom – from European history we learn that dictatorships can become democracies.

In order to safeguard these values, the EU‘s indifferent phase must be followed by a phase of revival, emotion, renewal and engagement. The project Mnemosyne. In Search of the European Identity is heading in precisely this direction. We therefore support it wholeheartedly."

Prof. Dr. Aleida Assmann & Prof. Dr. Em. Jan Assmann

Bublitz & Thesaurós

Bublitz is an artist and curator initiative founded in 2011. It works at the interface between art and cultural history and is a combination of cultural production site, artist group, curator's office, gallery, music publisher, and concert organiser.

The three core elements of Bublitz are thematic exhibition cycles, the work of the artist group Thesaurós, and the exhibition space Thesaurós. Uhlandstrasse* in Berlin.