Marianische Antiphonen I

„Unter deinen Schutz und Schirm fliehen wir“

EXHIBITION OPENING: 13 June 2020, 3 p.m.

Dear visitor,
after a three-month corona break we are especially pleased to welcome you to our first solo exhibition at the Bublitz. Thesaurós. Uhlandstraße. We accompany Gabriel - the Godseeker, pilgrim, artist, activist, human being and friend - on an important station and performance of his pilgrimage: To the Templar Castle Convento de Christo in Portugal.

Opening hours: Tuesday & Saturday 15 - 18
Duration: 14 June - 8 August 2020

Bublitz Objects

Bublitz Objects is the new mediation and sales platform of Bublitz. Here you can find all details about artworks and exhibitions, background information from the artists themselves and art historical interpretations. You can also purchase works of art by the four visual thesaurós artists.

Objects was designed for you, the enthusiasts of our work, for friends and collectors of the artists and with the aim of creating an easily accessible way to dive deeper.

Thesaurós | GABRIEL

Gabriel is a libertine, dancer and jester. He was born in Holland in the late 1960s. After an injury ruined his career as a dancer, he dedicated himself to following the traces of his own person. He abandoned his alter ego and became an artist to whom, it must be said, the prophetic proclamation is not alien...

Join him on one of the most extraordinary journeys of the early 21st century.

Exhibition Cycle | Elie's Miniatures

In the summer of 2018, Elshan Ghasimi, Michal Martychowiec and JMH Schindele set off in the footsteps of the mathematician, biochemist, magician and poet El Arbi Bouqdib.

Now the archival-archaeological-artistic work has brought the first treasures to light. Elies Miniatures. As album, concert and exhibition cycle, Elies Miniatures is an ongoing narrative as well as a novel form of merging music, concert, visual art, exhibition and biographical narration.

Bublitz & Thesaurós

Bublitz is an artist and curator initiative founded in 2011. It works at the interface between art and cultural history and is a combination of cultural production site, artist group, curator's office, gallery, music publisher, and concert organiser.

The three core elements of Bublitz are thematic exhibition cycles, the work of the artist group Thesaurós, and the exhibition space Thesaurós. Uhlandstrasse* in Berlin.

Exhibition Cycle | Mnemosyne

Mnemosyne. In Search of the European Identity is a long term, pan-European and civic project. It offers a new way to consider exhibitions, memory policy and culture at a time of the greatest threats since the Second World War.

Mnemosyne derives its name from the Greek goddess of memory, mother of the nine muses. The word memory also stems from her name.

A statement about the Mnemosyne project

"In Europe, history and a vision of the future are very closely linked. Europe‘s promise revolves around two decisive transformations:

1. From war to peace – from European history we learn that erstwhile mortal enemies become peacefully coexisting and closely cooperating neighbours.
2. From coercion to freedom – from European history we learn that dictatorships can become democracies.

In order to safeguard these values, the EU‘s indifferent phase must be followed by a phase of revival, emotion, renewal and engagement. The project Mnemosyne. In Search of the European Identity is heading in precisely this direction. We therefore support it wholeheartedly."

Prof. Dr. Aleida Assmann & Prof. Dr. Em. Jan Assmann