Madrid, Santiago de Chile, Tel Aviv, London… Members of the young generation are going back to the streets and demanding a piece of the pie. Some of them even demand their future back.

Going beyond the explanation that these worldwide protests trace back to the economically precarious situation of the respective countries, the exhibition Handlungsbereitschaft, Draft of a Generation at the End of Historycomposes, in 35 works and 12 positions, a sketch of the generation of today’s 20 to 30-year-olds. This sketch will be expanded through the theoretical reflections within the catalog and through the supporting programs.

While maintaining a conscious effort to remain a fragment, the exhibition nevertheless draws a psychogramm of its time, in that it traces the relationships of the individual works and artists to itself, to others and to the world.

The exhibition investigates the area of conflict between the public and the private and to what extent the former still exists, or is perceived as a customizable sphere. Simultaneously it tells the narrative of a corporeality that has unknowingly and fundamentally changed. Does the launch of a mobile interface perhaps mark consciousness more than the fall of the Berlin Wall?

The exhibition thereby prods at an excessive tendency to order the world around one’s self. This tendency ranges at times so far that the Other disappears and on the echo of the self exists. Protests have historically assumed various forms, and this exhibition too is a protest; a protest against itself and the truths that it postulates.

Participating artists:
Julius von Bismarck, Martin Bothe, Linus Dutz, Will Kempkes, Fabian Knecht, Martin Kohout, Alessandro Rauschmann, Lea Steffens, URBANIST, Mike Ruiz, Johannes Vogl, Philipp Wimmen

Curated by Mona El-Bira, Lia Marie Hillers and Julian Malte Schindele

Julius von Bismarck - POLO - Center of a movement



Martin Bothe - Germanboy



Performance of Alessandro Rauschmann - No Ice Cream



Photos © Stefan Hähnel