Handlungsbereitschaft (3. edition)

Without the specific goal to pursue the visual equivalent of a particular thesis or observation in the exhibition, we as curators are occasionally surprised and irritated at the impressions that can be spawned by its composition: The subtitle Draft of a Generation at the End of History, sounds alarmist, almost cynical, but describes rather aptly the spirit and state of this generation. Thus unfold several works, which individually appear aesthetically appealing, humorous and rich in references, but in combination preserve the eerie atmosphere of an empty façade through professional routines and ironic distance, hiding a personal dismay.

Simultaneously, into the sketch appear more and more artistic positions that, through their examination of their own history and a selective appropriation of the past, seem to strive for localization in the present. They communicate us in a snapshot the central feeling of being detached from political organization, from our own living environment, from relationships and real community.

Curated by Mona El-Bira, Julia Müller and Julian Malte Schindele












Photos © Stefan Hähnel