Handlungsbereitschaft | 4

There is a blank space yawning open, waiting to be occupied. Proffered information and signs wait to be synthesized, to be linked, by someone. The uncanny, “das Unheimliche” in German, stemming from the word for doing something secret, ‘heimlich’, and contrasting with the ‘heimisch’, or native, begins to adhere to things, to act on assumptions, to crowd things out. Sometimes it arises in repeated perception; sometimes it comes later and is barely conscious.

Thus, things found and information given appear united, in that they have meaning primarily to those who choose to interpret them. The limits manifest themselves ultimately in the interpretation and nevertheless can be overcome only interpretively. Who influences whom, what was already there, now remembered and later known, is at the moment still unclear.

One of the four presented works constitutes the conceptual point of origin for thoughts and debate regarding a virulent sociopolitical phenomenon in the field of fine art. Meanwhile, the remaining works agree, deviate or deflect, reproduce or deepen: they offer as-yet-undefined input to the discussion. The works and artistic positions are of particular interest in their conscious reflection upon their integration into social frameworks and the reality of contemporary life.

Participating artists:
Florine Leoni, Henrike Naumann, Alessandro Rauschmann, Marcel Tarelkin

Curated by Mona El-Bira, Julia Müller and Julian Malte Schindele






Photos © Stefan Hähnel