Exhibition Cycles

By means of the exhibition cycles, Bublitz aims to present longer and interrelated narratives and thematic debates. The guiding principle behind all our work is consistently our aim of conveying to our audience a deeper understanding of the various connections between history/the past and the present. This happens by analyzing, presenting and vivisectioning the zeitgeist on the basis of historical experience – in the form of exhibitions with art and historico-cultural objects.

The first exhibition cycle in 2011 was Handlungsbereitschaft – Skizze einer Generation am Ende der Geschichte. [Readiness to Act – Sketch of a Generation at the End of History]. In this series, the sketch and psychogram of the generation born between 1980 and 1990 were designed. This was achieved by means of the works and positions of about 90 artists and guests, as well as by integrating cultural artefacts and a comprehensive dialogue and supporting programme.

MNEMOSYNE. The Search for the European Identity. Mnemosyne is the name of the Greek goddess of memory; the word ‘memory’ stems from her. The fundamental premise of this large-scale project, planned to cover many years and phases, is the interplay between identity and (cultural) memory, as well as its exploration by means of different media and arts. The exhibitions and exhibition formats continuously evolve through the shifting phases, and react to the diverse places and their circumstances.





Further cycles, such as Xenien (Greek for ‘hospitality gift’) or the series conceived in cooperation with Lukas Töpfer The road leads back and back to the black square follow on. Whilst the topic area of The road leads back and back to the black square is primarily arranged in an art and theoretical exhibition way, Bublitz presents smaller formats of the analysis of the present in the series Xenien.

By means of a broad spectrum of differing approaches, each addressing a different audience, plus the merger of various formats of exhibitions as mediums of communication, a panorama of current potential for curating and displaying arises.



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