GABRIEL Der Soldat der keinen Krieg führen sollte

Invitation – Exhibition ‘Tempel auf Zeit’

Tempel auf Zeit

16th February 2020
Thesaurós. Berlin



7th February 2020

Dear friends,

The new Thesaurós Room in Berlin will open its doors with the exhibition Tempel auf Zeit (temporary temple / temple on time) on Sunday 16 February at four o'clock. Come in large numbers and bring friends!


Passages from the text of the exhibition by JMH Schindele:


The search for merging horizons

Tempel auf Zeit is the beginning of a series of about ten episodes of art exhibitions that are complemented by essayistic, poeticising and commenting means.

This temple is concerned with the interplay of myth and poetry. As a life-shaping force and ground plan of human existence, this interplay is at the centre of an organic programme of conversations and birthday celebrations and comes across us in ten works of art.

These are from:

El Arbi Bouqdib ARCHIVE, arranged and romanticised by Elshan GhasimiMichal Martychowiec and JMH Schindele.

GABRIEL, in collaboration with Stefan HähnelLaura Fociños Mantecón and JMH Schindele.

Elshan Ghasimi with Friedrich Andreoni.

Hilarion Manero.

Michal Martychowiec.

GABRIEL Der Soldat der keinen Krieg führen sollte

GABRIEL interpreted by Stefan Hähnel. Der Soldat der keinen Krieg führen wollte
(The soldier who doesn't fight a war to lead)

“... like the map of Europe and the Fertile Crescent. On it we see the trace of the slowly becoming endeavour
and artistic work of the wandering hermit Edwin William Moes and his figure GABRIEL. ”

1-4 | Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1900-2000: At Midnight, 0 Hour Tdt | April 1947 – May 1947 (1984)

1-4 Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1900-2000 at Midnight | April 1947 – May 1947 (1984).
An object from the El Arbi Bouqdib ARCHIVE.

“… an object from the estate of the Arab biochemist and mystic El Arbi Bouqdib in a display case.
Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1900-2000, a book, the star constellations of the past century,
opened on the supposed month of Bouqdib's birth: April 1947.

The composer and Tar virtuoso Elshan Ghasimi has musically arranged it in 2018.
But what is it, to which sphere does it belong?“

Michal Martychowiec - What remains the poets provide

The work What remains the poets provide by Michal Martychowiec
is one of the key works in the exhibition.


Opening Reception: 16th February 2020, 4:00 p.m.

Opening times: Tuesday & Saturday 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

Personal viewings and group visits for up to five people by appointment. Admission & guided tour free of charge.

Uhlandstraße 147
10719 Berlin