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Within this portal you can find the works both by the name of the artist and by the exhibitions of the Bublitz. Thesaurós. Uhlandstraße., which opened in February 2020.

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μυθοποίηση – mythopoesis

Marianische Antiphonen I

„Unter deinen Schutz und Schirm fliehen wir“

GABRIEL Marianische Antiphonen I „Unter deinen Schutz und Schirm fliehen wir“ [Marian Antiphons I “Beneath thy protection we seek refuge”] is a performative narrative and exhibition by the fictional character Gabriel. It focuses on the search for, contemplation of and refuge in the mythical figure of Mary. Mary in his conception is not only experienced as the Christian mother of God, but also as a powerful symbolic figure representing the female face of God.

Marianische Antiphonen I is the artist’s first solo exhibition in collaboration with Bublitz. It is an individual mythology, a religious field and overlapping cosms of different European and non-European, ancient and pagan worlds of images, meaning, and symbols.

μυθοποίηση – mythopoesis

Tempel auf Zeit

The first exhibition at the in newly opened venue Bublitz. Thesaurós. Uhlandstraße. is called Tempel auf Zeit [Temporary Temple]. It takes the Greek concept of μυθοποίηση – mythopoesis – as its conceptual focal point. A term that describes the free narrating and creation of myths as an artistic form, world view and ethical force.

The group exhibition includes representative works of all Thesaurós artists.


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GABRIEL is a character of the performance and concept artist Edwin W. Moes.

The artist set off as a pilgrim on 15 September 2015. His wanderings lead him to the three great Christian pilgrimage routes of Santiago de Compostelas, Romes and Jerusalems. Highlights of the journey are the so-called performative narratives. Closely linked stories; symbols, gestures and narrative sequences from the sphere of the sacred and 'real' history.

Hilarion Manero

Thanks to the constantly effective miracle assumed by myth, the waking day of a people who are stimulated by myth, as the ancient Greeks were, does indeed resemble dream more than it does the day of a thinker whose mind has been sobered by science. If, one day, any tree may speak as a nymph, or if a god can carry off virgins in the guise of a bull, if the goddess Athene herself is suddenly seen riding on a beautiful chariot in the company of Pisistratus through the market-places of Athens - and that was what the honest Athenian believed - then anything is possible at any time....."

Michal Martychowiec

Michal Martychowiec (born 1987) is a contemporary artist. He creates conceptual series of photographs, films, drawings, neons,objects, and mix-media installations and environments.

Through this practice, characterized by the diversity of the media used, Martychowiec aims to explore the condition and the possibilities of contemporary human existence.

El Arbi Bouqdib Archive

The aim of the El Arbi Bouqdib Archives and all related artistic and curatorial activities is the poetic reconstruction of El Arbo Bouqdib's life and the presentation, embedding and questioning of his research results. This narrative and poetic form of reprocessing is the work of several different authors and artists ranging from classical persian music, curatorial practices to the visual arts.