Mυθοποίηση – Mythopoesis


“The insight is that historiography is organized into narratives, because only narratives
are able to connect the individual facts logically and chronologically. Narratives
suggest causalities and create continuities.”

Reinhart Koselleck in: Past Future: On the Semantics of Historical Times, 1979



The exhibition cycle Mythopoesis (translated roughly as 'myth-making') began in February 2020 in the exhibition space Bublitz Thesaurós on Uhlandstraße in Berlin. The group exhibition Tempel auf Zeit [Temporary Tempel] was followed by the solo exhibitions GABRIEL - Marianische Antiphonen I and the two-part exhibition The Mythology of Michal Martychowiec: News from the Last Man and Josephine, entering the maze.

The inspiration for this was the concept of 'mythopoeia' developed by J. R. R. Tolkien and others in the 1930s, as well as the assumption that the human condition of 'Being-world-and-looking-into-the-world' is largely shaped by stories, narratives and mythologies. These determine, consciously or unconsciously, our relationship to ourselves, to the community, to culture, etc. In order to determine collective identities, researchers today speak of 'imagined communities', for example and we are aware that relationship to the world is largely determined by the forms and formats of differing media.

The research interest of this cycle is therefore to give space to various forms of narratives and myth-making and to trace them in the works of (visual) artists. All exhibitions are flanked by a complementary programme of events and detailed texts. Particularly worthy of mention is the programme God Laughs. A Secret Polytheism of Our Time by philosopher Reinhard Knodt. He writes essays corresponding to the respective exhibition, which are discussed in a lecture and in conversation with the audience.

Entrance to the exhibitions Mυθοποίηση - Mythopoesis III & IV The Mythology of Michal Martychowiec: Message from the Last Man and Josephine, entering the maze. In the windows, two icons of Martychowiec's 'new mythology': the panda, symbolising the Last man, and the rabbit Josephine, driven into apotheosis. The two neon works "Has Marcel Duchamp changed the world?" and "looking for meaning in history" bring up central aspects of the entire cycle.

Mυθοποίηση – Mythopoesis V

Marianische Antiphonen I – III

Gabriel & Schindele
Photographer: Stefan Hähnel

8th of April ∙ 6 p.m. ∙ to 7th of May 2022

Meraner Straße 7
10825 Berlin
nadan.org ∙ bublitz.org

Mυθοποίηση – Mythopoesis IV

Josephine, entering the maze
The Mythology of Michal Martychowiec

Duration: 24 October - 12 December 2020
Opening 24 October, from 6 p.m.

curated by Julian M. H. Schindele

Josephine, entering the maze is another chapter in the exploration of the symbolic sign cosmos by British artist Michal Martychowiec. As a hermetic cosmogonist, he erects a shrine and a sanctuary for Josephine in this exhibition. Josephine is a figure of light in the form of a rabbit and has been the leading actress in Martychowiecs' work since 2015.

Josephine, entering the maze is the fourth part of the current exhibition cycle Mυθοποίηση - Mythopoesis. The cycle is interested in the actualisation, i.e. repoetisation and recreation of archetypal-classical narratives, as well as the relationship between memory culture and identity.

Mυθοποίηση – Mythopoesis III

Nachricht vom letzten Menschen
The Mythology of Michal Martychowiec

Runtime: 30th August – 11th Oktober 2020
Opening 29th August, 6 PM

curated by Julian M. H. Schindele

Nachricht vom letzten Menschen [Message from the Last Man] is an exploration of the symbolic sign cosmos and the new mythology of Michal Martychowiec. The two main protagonists of this exhibition, which can also be understood as a parable, are the figure of the incredulous St. Thomas and the figure of the "panda". The latter can be understood as the "last man", how he was prominently described, e.g. by Max Weber or Friedrich Nietzsche.

The exhibition is also the third part of the cycle "Mυθοποίηση - Mythopoesis," curated by Julian M. H. Schindele. It is interested in forms taken by actualization, variation, the invention of myths, and archetypal narratives today as well as their poetological analysis.

Mυθοποίηση – Mythopoesis II

Marianische Antiphonen I

„Unter deinen Schutz und Schirm fliehen wir“

Dear visitor,
after a three-month corona break we are especially pleased to welcome you to our first solo exhibition at the Bublitz. Thesaurós. Uhlandstraße. We accompany Gabriel - the Godseeker, pilgrim, artist, activist, human being and friend - on a n important station and performance of his pilgrimage: To the Templar Castle Convento de Christo in Portugal.

Opening hours: Tuesday & Saturday 15 - 18
Duration: 14 June - 8 August 2020

Mυθοποίηση – Mythopoesis I

Tempel auf Zeit

Dear visitor,
the new Bublitz exhibition room Thesaurós will open on the 16th of February with the exhibition Tempel auf Zeit in Berlin. The exhibition is the beginning of a series of about ten episodes of art exhibitions that are complemented by essayistic, poeticising and commenting means.

Opening hours: Tuesday & Saturday 15 - 18
Duration: 17. Februar – 29. März 2020

Michal Martychowiec - All is history