Circular III 21

15.9.2015 − 7.8.2019

Giveaway and publication
of the first chronicles of GABRIEL

Berlin, 9th of September 2021

Dear friends of real fantasy characters,

After a heathen's work I may report that the first two chronicles of GABRIEL are available. These publications record the years of the pilgrimage WEG, from its dawn on the 15th of September 2015 in the Netherlands, until the third part of the cycle Marian Antiphons on the 7 th ofAugust 2019 in Fátima, Portugal.

"Images, memories, experiences, dangers, strength, pain, God, world, love, fear, loss, retreat, search, nature. "

Because this is such a joyful occasion, we would like to raffle off five copies of the publication, which is not commercially available, among our audience.

To take part in the draw, please click on the button and enter your email address or simply reply to this circular with a blank email.

Winners will be chosen at random on Sunday the 19th of September and contacted separately.


If you want to learn more, you can find a completely revised visualisation of the GABRIEL story on the website.

Have fun and good luck!
Gabriel and JMH Schindele

© Stefan Hähnel

© Stefan Hähnel

7th of August 2019. An offering of flowers to the Mother of God during the performance Marianische Antiphonen at the Marian pilgrimage site of Fátima, Portugal.

© Anonym

© Anonym

3rd of January 2016. Gabriel's first performance after 110 days of wandering: Eterno Retorno – The three Gates in Santiago de Compostela.

© Stefan Hähnel

© Stefan Hähnel

Gabriel, together with his four beloved dogs Guinevere, Chihiro, Noah and Logan, resting a little.