Concert and album premiere “Die Blume und der Tod”

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Concert and album premiere
Die Blume und der Tod

Dear friends and those interested in present day and ancient civilisations,

Prepare for something unexpected next week. On Friday the 7th October there will be 19 new objects from the El Arbi Bouqdib Archive. These will be accompanied by 19 cinematic productions and interpretations by filmmakers Pujan Shakupa and Stefan Stark, as well as 19 new compositions and songs by Tar master Elshan Ghasimi.

These are the elements of Die Blume und der Tod [The Flower and Death], the third part of the Elies Miniatures cycle, which follows the tracks of mathematician, magician and mystic El Arbi Bouqdib, who died in 2016 in Bremen. It is dedicated to the tale of this travellers life between East and West, between faith, science and poetry.

You are cordially invited to attend the premiere of this performance.

Best regards from Berlin,
Julian Malte Hatem Schindele and all the participants

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The first object in Elies Miniatures I – Ein Garten singender Dinge [A Garden of Singing Things] is the 'Magnetic Field Generator'.

The sixth object of Ein Garten singender Dinge [A Garden of Singing Things] is Bouqdib's swiss motorbike licence from the 1970s.

Die Blume und der Tod

Großer Salon Schwartzsche Villa
Grunewaldstraße 55
12165 Berlin


7th Oktober 2022
8p.m. (Entry at 7:30p.m., box office at 7p.m.)
Tickets 16 € (10 €)


Elshan Ghasimi (composer & soloist)
JMH Schindele (Concept & dramaturgy)
Stark & Shakupa (staging & video)
Objects from the „El Arbi Bouqdib Archive“

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