Elshan Ghasimi – Excerpts of the Radīf I – V | First Introduction

Dear readers,

Excerpts of the Radīf is the programmatic title of Elshan Ghasimi's new concert series. It is a journey and invitation to the Classical Persian Canon. Sometimes one only realizes afterwards how fortunate one is.

We can report on a few of these fortunate cases. An example is the encounter and work with the Tar virtuoso and composer Elshan Ghasimi in 2015. The only female master of this instrument worldwide.

© silkroad-festival.com | Fotograf Gerhard Kühne

© silkroad-festival.com | Fotograf Gerhard Kühne

And fortunately, in retrospective, stories are curiously written: So, at the same moment we launched the exhibition cycle Mnemosyne on European identity, our range of topics took a giant leap: Through Ghasimi, the Persian classical culture moved into focus, as the Arabic tradition came into it through the estate of El Arbi Bouqdib.

But how do you create enthusiasm and intelligently approach a foreign civilization and world culture? How can this happen beyond exoticism and terms like 'world music', beyond repetition and standard vocabulary? The leveling down global pop culture is certainly not a lasting concept to uncover a vibrating and yet hidden classical tradition. So we had to go and find other ways.

From these thoughts and in conversation with Ghasimi arose the idea to the series Excerpts of the Radīf: A series of introduction; theoretical, yet flamboyant, complex yet with open arms for open ears and minds. An invitation to explore an unknown and arcane but promising and harmonious Jadeworld.

Premiere and opening will take place on November 15th at 8pm in Berlin.

Literaturhaus Lettrétage, Mehringdamm 61.


Especially in the name of Elshan Ghasimi,
yours sincerely,


JMH Schindele
Artistic Director | Bublitz



… so we came to new formats of media and time convergence like Elies Miniatures. An exemplary centaur of exhibition, concert, archive work and ritualized memory. The first major production of Bublitz Thesaurós with Elshan Ghasimi.

Elshan Ghasimi - Muster

About the Radīf

A Radīf (series, sequence, ranking) is a collection of hundreds, if one counts the Radīfs of differentmasters (Ostād), thousands of melodious figures. So-called Guschehs. These melodies are organized within twelve tonal systems called Dastgāh and Awaz.

The master improvises on the basis of these melodies. These improvisations, not unlike jazz, are the highest form of performing and practicing this art.

In 2009 the Radīf has been declared World Heritage by the UNESCO. But history as we know only comes into individual existance through the living tradition, through the individual and challenging process of update and appropriation.

Ghasimi will present two different tonal systems (Dastgāh and Awaz) in each concert of the five-parted series. Solo Tar or Setar.