Goethe in exile and Radīf at home

Dear friends of high cultures,

On the 4th of March at 8:30 pm, Elshan Ghasimi will play at the finishing event of the highly recommended series and exhibition Tracing Movement(s) in Uncertain Times. This is organised by the Goethe in Exile programme of the Goethe Institute. It is nomadic and currently located at ACUD MACHT NEU in Berlin-Mitte.

The series focuses on Iran, our dear Persia, today, tomorrow and yesterday, reflecting and shaping the zeitgeist itself. The concert will be preceded by a reading of poetry by the Iranian poet SAID at 7 pm. Admission to both events is free - thanks to Goethe. Please come early if you are interested.


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Price: Free admission


ACUD Studio
Veteranenstraße 21
10119 Berlin

Video still (concert)
© Heiko Volkmer & Lou van Houtte // worksaboutcontact

Radīf at home

I am also very pleased to announce, that the concert recording of the world premiere of Elshan Ghasimi's Radīf interpretation on the 10th of November 2022 is available online. Enjoy the concert by clicking on the video above, or click on the video below, if you want to first listen to the introductory and contextualising speeches by the British music critic Michael Church and the director of the Museum für Islamische Kunst (Museum of Islamic Art), Stefan Weber.

The first chapter of the systematic and comprehensive reinterpretation of the system of Persian art music has begun. As artistic director of the project and of Bublitz, my thanks go first and foremost to the composer and musician Elshan Ghasimi, who has set out to preserve and renew an important piece of world culture. Special thanks also go to the Museum für Islamische Kunst (Museum of Islamic Art) as a partner, the Bode Museum and the State Institute for Music Research as hosts, as well as to all the sponsors and our wonderful audience.


With warmest regards,

Julian Malte Hatem Schindele

Video still (speeches)
© Heiko Volkmer & Lou van Houtte // worksaboutcontact

The concert series is a Bublitz project and a production in cooperation with the Museum für Islamische Kunst (Museum of Islamic Art) at the Pergamon Museum of the State Museums in Berlin.

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