Was bleibt | Inge Buck and Elshan Ghasimi

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are extremely pleased to introduce you to a new collaboration, a new flower of joint work. The collaboration of Thesaurós artist and composer Elshan Ghasimi with the poet and author Inge Buck.

Poetry & Music. Concert & Reading. Two rhetorics, two interlocutors, two classical traditions face to face.

Buck's poetry, near the ideal of elegiac presentness, realizes the tragedy of the human-bound. However, sometimes cheerful, it never leaves the paved and hard ground of realism; it slips into the comic or even the cynical.

Please find a sample under the following link or in the appendix: Poem and composition for the Persian long-necked lute Tar.

Zwei Minuten.



Inge Buck Portrait by Julia Baier

© Photo Inge Buck: Julia Baier



The first two concert-readings will take place on 30th August in Bremen, in the book and art gallery Franz Leuwer and on 3rd September in Berlin, in the Literature House Lettrétage.

Inge Buck wrote the following introduction to the concert readings:

“Moved and inspired by the volume of poems Unter dem Schnee [“Under the Snow”]by the poet Inge Buck, with collages by Monica Schefold, translated into Persian by Madjid Mohit, the Persian musician and composer Elshan Ghasimi has created corresponding compositions. A poetic dialogue between poetry and music, Orient and Occident, between Inge Buck’s poems and Elshan Ghasimi’s musical interpretations: “The melodies come to me, when I read the poems.”

The gap between the cultures is bridged. In the dialogue and stillness between Persian music and German text, worlds evolve from words and tones: about urban landscapes and nature, seasons and lifetime, forgetting and remembering, about war, exile and the language of books.

Elshan Ghasimi and Inge Buck, two artists of different cultures, languages and generations, meet in their interaction: the texts open themselves to the music, the music to the texts.


The reading and concert will be framed by an introduction by JMH Schindele and a concluding talk with the artists. In Bremen we also have the opportunity to welcome the publisher of the Sujet publishing house Madjid Mohit.

Mohit was honored in 2015 for his enduring work and merit with the Hermann Kesten Prize of the Pen Center Germany. In his capacity as a translator and adapter from German into Persian, he is the facilitator of the collaboration of Buck and Ghasimi.

Please, feel warmly invited and welcomed!

On behalf of the artists and the Bublitz network,

JMH Schindele