Obituary for Reinhard Knodt

Dear Sir or Madam,


the philosopher and writer, our friend Reinhard Knodt, has died.

In recent years, Reinhard was an important companion. Parallel to the exhibition cycle MYTHOPOESIS, he designed the monolithic lecture series God laughs. On a Secret Polytheism of Our Time. Thus, under the playful, never entirely unserious title of in-house-philosopher', he became one of the first exegetes and commentators on our work.

We thank Reinhard for everything shared and the correspondence. Hand in hand with grief and loss, we stand at his epitaph on which may be written, "Well then! Once more!"

Copyright: Norbert Mebert and Thor van Horn

Gholam Reza Hajatpour and Harald Seubert have found the following beautiful words, at least suggestive of a life, on behalf of the Academy for West-East Dialogue of Cultures initiated by Reinhard Knodt. We would like to share them with you.



Dear Academy Members

Early in the morning of 20 December we lost our friend Reinhard Knodt. A short illness preceded him. No one had expected this death, at this much too early time. The death came shockingly abruptly, suddenly and painfully. Only a short time before, we had spoken with Reinhard. We wanted to meet each other. Some of his friends will have similarly abrupt waking memories. Reinhard had spoken about death and dying again and again, in the membranous opening to the world beyond, which is second nature to spiritual, artistic people.


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