Newsletter 11th May 2018

Good news! Our new Bublitz website is now online. With the aid of this platform, we would like to provide you with an insight – even better and clearer than before - into our work and projects. You are cordially invited to visit exhibitions and documentations, listen to classical Persian music and concerts, or embark on political and cultural expeditions:

Our website, which we like referring to as our digital house, has another goal in mind. We would like to create a certain feel and also form a real, joint connection to you, our visitors and public. We would like to slow down and enable a respectful exchange about art and culture, which is unusual within the medium internet. In the net we merely teleport ourselves from one place to another, after all. (This used to be called surfing, but ultimately everything remains anonymous and faceless). The visitor is no longer a person, but a dataset.

We aim to gradually eliminate these feelings. You are meant - take a look around, analyse things and ask questions. Should you be interested in participating and sharing, find out which possibilities already exist in our restructured PATRONAGE section. Without giving too much away, further opportunities for participation will be added during the coming months!

Michal Martychowiec - Reading history

Reading history (2018-196) 2018 chromogener Druck 90x97 cm

Three current exhibitions | Three invitations

We would like to invite you to three current exhibitions in cooperation with Bublitz.

The first one is being held at the Weserburg in Bremen. Michal Martychowiec, who is a member of our artists' programme Thesaurós, has contributed, amongst other things, the exhibition's title piece Where does your heart belong? The presentation was curated by Grzegorz Musiał from the Polish Signum Foundation.

The second exhibition is not as easy to explain, we wish to do justice to art, after all. The exhibition cycle The road leads back and back to the black square can thus be seen until 3rd June at the Brandenburgischer Kunstverein in Potsdam; it is a part of the 'Sieben Ausstellungen' ['Seven Exhibitions'] by Lukas Töpfer. You are cordially invited to attend.

If you happen to be in Poland, Łódź visit the cycle of 4 exhibitions of Michal Martychowiec held at Signum Foundation throughout the year. Reading history is the 1st out of those. The project is a metaphorical investigation of the structures of history, artistic practices and in a sense, life of each individual.

So enjoy our 'new digital house', possibly also the exhibitions in Bremen, Łódź and Potsdam, and please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions.