Dear friends of the rising sun!

several things must be announced:

Texts, views, and in-depth material on Michal Martychowiec's current exhibition Josephine, entering the maze are now available online. On the Bublitz Objects platform, you will also find detailed information on each of the works on display.

Josephine, entering the maze was also extended until December 12th. If, despite the turbulent times, you find the opportunity and the muse, come by for a chat, tea, and the unmediated experience!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we ask you to register briefly before visiting: [email protected]


A - despite everything! - wonderful and somewhat dramatic year of exhibitions and events is coming to an end.

In February of this year, the first Bublitz Thesaurós opened at Uhlandstrasse 147 in Berlin with the exhibition Tempel auf Zeit [Temporary Temples]. The host was the Chinese tea house Jian; and we and our guests fell in love with the never-before-seen atmosphere of Far Eastern awareness and contemporary art.

Now, after 9 years of nomadism and much hospitality enjoyed, we are looking for a permanent place for the new Thesaurós. From April / May next year, the exhibition and event activities are to be continued there.

A new Thesaurós

The subject of the new Thesaurós naturally remains the old one. I find an ideal image of this culture and the cultivated in the term of the 'common ERANOS'. An act of the Greek tradition of bringing gifts to one another. These in turn form the basis for a common feast, the ERANOS.

So, we are looking for a pleasant room in Berlin that is easy to reach. This will be used for exhibitions, as an office and for salon activities. The space should be 100 m² or more and ideally barrier-free. It could be a shop on ground level, a coach house, an old industrial building, or an apartment.

If you know something or have something available yourself, please send a message to: [email protected]


I look forward to your ideas and wish you peaceful days,

Julian M. H. Schindele
(artistic and managing director)

© Stefan Hähnel

© Stefan Hähnel

Here you can find the gallery and the texts of the current exhibition Josephine, entering the maze – The Mythology of Michal Martychowiec

Bublitz Objects

Here you can see Bublitz Objects and the works of art from the exhibition Josephine, entering the maze – The Mythology of Michal Martychowiec