"Posterity will not be able to comprehend that we have once again had to live
in such dense darknesses after it had already once become light."

Sebastian Castellio in 'De arte dubitandi' 1562

Arona, in the garden of Mariposa
2nd of March 2022

Dear Sir or Madam,

In the face of a turning of the times, we stand amazed, at times frightened and new. Our hearts and thoughts are with the Ukrainian people. Many certainties and moral convictions disappeared or turned into their opposite overnight. Yes, Europe is no longer an island of the blessed in the middle of a sea of storm.

The question 'what could a European identity look like?', seams suddenly answered; the 'anything goes' of postmodernity has come to an end. A disenchantment with the limits of the world's goodness and an intuitive, however self-evident, and yet so surprising agreement on what constitutes the core of our societies and that this must be protected differently in the future.

Our latent identity, now felt as an ethical and individual urge, is finally becoming clear to us as solidarity and concern. And surely many are also experiencing what it means to have this unearned privilege. The fortuitous luck of being allowed to live in such rich and free societies. In an era of long peace and greatest liberality. We must take care of them, our culture and societies. Everyone is responsible for them in his or her own way. The work of Bublitz as ‚mental/spiritual guest workers‘ tries to do so with the means of art, philosophy, the activation of history, the magical and, most recently again, with the poetic potential of religion/theology.

Already now, I would like to invite you to an exhibition that is very important to me. On the 8th of April, the exhibition GABRIEL Marianische Antiphonen I - III will open at NADAN on Bayerischer Platz. The artist duo Gabriel & Schindele are behind this, consisting of the Dutch concept and performance artist Edwin W. Moes and myself. The experimental set-up intends some invocations of mother deities, carried by desires for wholeness, healing and a praise of history.

Thank you for your attention,
JMH Schindele