Bublitz Objects

A new platform | Launch BUBLITZ OBJECTS

Dear friends,

Bublitz is growing and we are pleased to introduce a new platform to you today. Bublitz Objects.

On the new mediation and sales platform, you will find all details about works of art and exhibitions, background information from the artists themselves, art historical interpretations as well as advice and contact.

Objects was designed for you, the enthusiasts of our work, for friends and collectors of the artists and with the aim of creating an easily accessible way to dive deeper.

I hope you have a wonderful summer,

Julian M. H. Schindele on behalf of Bublitz

Here you can access the gallery of the current exhibition Marian Antiphons I by GABRIEL.

Bublitz Objects

Here you can access the overview of Bublitz Objects and its various galleries.

Bublitz Objects