Engel mit Sphinx Gesichten

After a year of research journey Bublitz is back to public. Five years ago we started the cycle Handlungsbereitschaft - Draft of a generation at the end of history which approached, the now omnipresent, question of identity and which drew a psychogramm of the generation being born between 1980 and 1990. The new point of interest and focus is a question deriving directly out of this endevor. How can modernity be bridged? Which forms will the next (European) Renaissance take?

The new exhibition cycle Xenien starts with the exhibition Engel mit Sphinx Gesichten. Developed, curated and emanated from the work of Michal Martychowiec.
Since we came to the decision not to associate any-more with the insipid term of 'Opening' we are all the more happy to invite you to the first celebration this Sunday at Claudisstraße with a conceptual as musical broadening by AXE APE. Furthermore we are also happy to introduce our new colleague Nils Fock.