“Ausscharre Des Z” Hilarion Manero

H201415M, Kala Kathedral, 45 x 110,2 cm, Inkjet Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta

With Ausscharre des z, Hilarion Manero is taking on yet another name. H201415M. Likewise, he has decided to cast off the insignia of the artist, henceforth dubbing himself "essayist", a friend of the open form and experimentation. His new activity will be Dichtungsgraphie.

This is reminiscent of the first exhibition that was accompanied by Bublitz, "What is a psychochromatic artist?" at Sprechsaal, located in Berlin-Mitte's Marienstraße. While this served as a retrospective on Manero's painterly oeuvre produced over recent years in isolation, with Ausscharre z we now witness the integration of some of these paintings into a larger work context as well as two or three islands from the Book of Death.

The islands are the refuges of the Gods, in his own words: "They go onto the islands to sojourn there". For otherwise, they would be everywhere - whereas I prefer to imagine them as symbolically centered psychic energies accompanying us, looking out for us, embodying potentials. For H201415M they are theatrical plays. Roles embodying personifications of our own comportment as human beings. The spheres: Gods, unaging as are eyes.

Before Chronos, the Oceanid Clymene is exposed to Uranus's whims, Nox, in the second Dichtungsgraphie, is dwelling on the threshold of Plutonium's gates. Both protogenoi are resting inside the blackness of a landscape. Surrounded by rocks who are observers. Through the presentation, the familiar is rendered strange and thus flees the possible gaze. Might still touch because of that. This (Hilarion Manero insists) is by no means about the Uncanny.

Quite the contrary, it is about the Magical. And the Possible.

This is why the works on view may be described as moralist pieces. Fortunately, this would be too reductive, and shall therefore remain undetermined. For the mentioned figures would encounter radiant objects: "We have to decide ourselves". Only obliquely mentioned in this exhibition, Power serves as the essayist's central point of reference. How all is exercising power.

Conscious, unconscious, without consciousness. H201415M's prime attachment figure these days: Charlie Chaplin.

The second complex forms an erotic ensemble: Representing the female principle inside the exhibition, a group of dryads has gathered by a creek.

Ausscharre des z consists of the reflections of a mythically inclined contemporary, bound together in two and a half acts. The general topic is the historical involvement of our time - and the way in which we man it.

Julian Malte Schindele

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