Karte I: 15.9.2015 – 7.8.2019


GABRIEL in collaboration with
Julian M. H. Schindele






54 x 97 cm



Pigment print on Photo Rag Baryta



3 of 12 + 1



2,800€ (inkl. VAT)

Karte I – 15.9.2015–7.8.2019 [Map I – 15.9.2015–7.8.2019]

„We have two jewels, the world and time.“ This statement of Gabriel’s is reflected in the art work Karte I – 15.9.2015–7.8.2019. We see a section of our blue planet. This ranges from east to west, from the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea to the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean. From north to south we see the fjords of Norway, the tip of Sinai and the Red Sea as boundaries. „Pilgrimage is always also a testimony and my trace, laid on this map like the fleeting touch of a thread, is just that. Testimony and memory. I see the ancient paths and trails as the blood vessels that have bound and still bind our continent.“

The titular dates mark the beginning of the pilgrimage – the performance WEG – on September 15, 2015. The ‘recording’ ends with the performative narrative Marianische Antiphonen III [Marian Antiphons III] on August 7, 2019.

The map is based on the aerial photo mosaic that is freely available on the Internet from ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute), a software manufacturer of geographic information systems. It was chosen because of the details in the presentation, the varied color and the rich color spectrum.

This object was created in collaboration with the geographer Peter Hintze.

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