Reading history #6 (2018–1100)


Michal Martychowiec






130 x 140 cm/p>


chromogenic print



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Reading history #6 (2018–1100)

The work is part of the Reading history work cycle.

''The game of Go and the manifold qualities that are already symbolically embedded in the object play an pivotal role in the cosmos of Martychowiec. In his language, Go stands as a metaphor for history, indeed causality per se. It is important to note that Go is not only the most complex – in terms of the possible moves – but also by far the longest documented game in the world. Since 193 AD, complete games between princes, kings and grandmasters have been recorded. The most convincing and most important embedded quality, however, is that once a stone has been placed, it must not be moved. That is, every move, every act influences the next, the causal wheels necessarily mesh and drive time forward. Time again is deposited, layer by layer.''

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Reading history #6 (2018–1100)

Name Reading history #6 (2018–1100)
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