Josephine, history is happening today


Michal Martychowiec






HD video, 3:00 min, sound, 3:00 min



on request

Josephine, history is happening today

This work is part of the Josephine work cycle.

„A gentle but insistent whisper, a loving blandishment fills the room with intimacy. Josephine l’histoire se passe aujourd’hui. Josephine, history is happening today.

Through the teahouse Jian, past a large, square work from the Reading history series, we enter the dark Thesaurós. In a sacral staging in the center of which we find a smartphone. On it runs a video of the entity raised to the status of an ‘unknown icon’: Josephine, on the artist’s lap, filmed frontally, nostrils bared. It is the visual level of the installation Josephine, history is happening today. With a soft voice Martychowiec speaks to his rabbit. Perhaps he speaks to it in order to alleviate our wound, which the loss of the ability to locate ourselves within history?

A performance of the double headed entity: Martychowiec – Josephine.”

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