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Elshan Ghasimi

Elies Miniatures I - II
Ein Garten singender Objekte & Archivblumen


In August 2015, Bublitz conducted an interview with the mathematician and Quran researcher, chemist and magician, poet and programmer El Arbi Bouqdib. Bouqdib died the following March. In 2017, together with the Bouqdib family, we founded the El Arbi Bouqdib Archive. Now the Archive is about to get activated and start talking.

In conversation with El Arbi Bouqdib. August 2015

In conversation with El Arbi Bouqdib. August 2015


On the 4th of June in Berlin and the 10th of June in Bremen, 38 compositions by the Classical Persian musician Elshan Ghasimi will be premiered: Elies Miniatures. It is a new form for a new endeavor combining several authors and perspectives into the many possible pasts. A new exhibition cycle.

A centaur of concert and exhibition. Concert-Exhibitions. In order to give you an insight into its creation processes, we take the liberty to print the following note.

Magnetfeldgenerator  | Magnetic Field Generator (early 90s)

Magnetfeldgenerator | Magnetic Field Generator (early 90s)


Note of Julian Malte Hatem Schindele | March 27, 2018

So now the plan is fixed! Who would have expected that suddenly everything would be moving so fast?? Elshan Ghasimi made a suggestion, I gratefully accepted: She wants to set 38 objects from the estate of El Arbi Bouqdib into music. She wants to translate them into her own subjective and beautiful language of Classical Persian Music. In dialogue with uncertain pasts.

The objects/souvenirs/relics - how should I call these memorial stones? - will be 'staged' by Michal Martychowiec. The objects, their symbolic qualities form a polyphonic chorus that speaks of Bouqdib's life. As a curator working with such diverse artists as a Persian musician and Martychowiec, an intellectual interrogator of 20th-century art, it is my concern to bring these different modes, possibilities and qualities into a common form.

For this, however, we need a new concept ... The idea of ​​the concert exhibition just popped into my head. After all, Ghasimi is giving concerts and is composing for objects. So Concert-Exhibitions. Ephemeral and permanent ...

Yes, it's a huge question how a life can (and should!) be told. And I am happy (and a bit relieved even) that this long story of Bouqdib, his life, his time, his person and his work begins with music. After all, what could be more free as an approach? Almost like a dance and very volatile.

Our concern is the poetic reconstruction of the past. Truth and Fiction (Dichtung und Wahrheit) like good old Goethe said.

I am very happy to supervise and curate this project!

March 2018 (1429 after Mohammed)

Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1900-2000: AtMidnight, 0 Hour Tdt |  April 1947 – May 1947 (1984)

Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1900-2000: AtMidnight, 0 Hour Tdt | April 1947 – May 1947 (1984)

Führerausweis # 310723 | Permis de conduire # 310723 (17. Dezember 1974)

Führerausweis # 310723 | Permis de conduire # 310723 (17. Dezember 1974)

Der Diwan des Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Al Habib | The Desire of the Travelling Murids and the Gift of the Wayfaring Gnostics | Das Verlangen der reisenden Muriden und das Geschenk der fahrenden Gnostiker (1876 – 1981 AD)

Der Diwan des Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Al Habib | The Desire of the Travelling Murids and the Gift of the Wayfaring Gnostics |
Das Verlangen der reisenden Muriden und das Geschenk der fahrenden Gnostiker (1876 – 1981 AD)


Please feel cordially invited to the Concert-Exhibitions on the 4th June in Berlin at the Literaturhaus Lettrétage and on the 10th June at the Friedenskirche in Bremen!

On Elshan Ghasimi's Website and the Section El Arbi Bouqdib Archive on you'll find more information.

Yours sincerely,

The Bublitz-Team

Persische Klassik


Concert-Exhibition 4 June 2018 | Berlin
Start 8pm | Entrance 7:15pm
Lettrétage Berlin | Mehringdamm 61

Tickets 10€ (5€)


Concert-Exhibition 10 June | Bremen
Start 7pm | Entrance 6:15pm
Friedenskirche Bremen | Humboldtstraße 175

Tickets 12€ (8€)

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Newsletter 11th May 2018

Good news! Our new Bublitz website is now online. With the aid of this platform, we would like to provide you with an insight – even better and clearer than before - into our work and projects. You are cordially invited to visit exhibitions and documentations, listen to classical Persian music and concerts, or embark on political and cultural expeditions:

Our website, which we like referring to as our digital house, has another goal in mind. We would like to create a certain feel and also form a real, joint connection to you, our visitors and public. We would like to slow down and enable a respectful exchange about art and culture, which is unusual within the medium internet. In the net we merely teleport ourselves from one place to another, after all. (This used to be called surfing, but ultimately everything remains anonymous and faceless). The visitor is no longer a person, but a dataset.

We aim to gradually eliminate these feelings. You are meant - take a look around, analyse things and ask questions. Should you be interested in participating and sharing, find out which possibilities already exist in our restructured PATRONAGE section. Without giving too much away, further opportunities for participation will be added during the coming months!

Michal Martychowiec - Reading history

Reading history (2018-196) 2018 chromogener Druck 90x97 cm

Three current exhibitions | Three invitations

We would like to invite you to three current exhibitions in cooperation with Bublitz.

The first one is being held at the Weserburg in Bremen. Michal Martychowiec, who is a member of our artists' programme Thesaurós, has contributed, amongst other things, the exhibition's title piece Where does your heart belong? The presentation was curated by Grzegorz Musiał from the Polish Signum Foundation.

The second exhibition is not as easy to explain, we wish to do justice to art, after all. The exhibition cycle The road leads back and back to the black square can thus be seen until 3rd June at the Brandenburgischer Kunstverein in Potsdam; it is a part of the 'Sieben Ausstellungen' ['Seven Exhibitions'] by Lukas Töpfer. You are cordially invited to attend.

If you happen to be in Poland, Łódź visit the cycle of 4 exhibitions of Michal Martychowiec held at Signum Foundation throughout the year. Reading history is the 1st out of those. The project is a metaphorical investigation of the structures of history, artistic practices and in a sense, life of each individual.

So enjoy our 'new digital house', possibly also the exhibitions in Bremen, Łódź and Potsdam, and please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions.

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Cathedral – Herm Consecration

© M. Schwarzmann

© M. Schwarzmann

During Elshan Ghasimi's performance "Cathedral", on the 31. August 2017, there was another herm consecration. 

The three herms concerned are Cathedral of Laon, Cathedral of Ely and Cathedral of Aachen.

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Bublitz – a registered non-profit

We are pleased to announce that Bublitz has been a non-profit limited company (gemeinnützige GmbH) since June 20th, 2017. This new legal form as a civically oriented and acting, cultural and non-governmental organization offers us new possibilities for action. It also lends our work a further depth of focus and secures this for the coming years. 

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New Thesaurós Artist Elshan Ghasimi

Bublitz gGmbH is pleased to welcome Elshan Ghasimi, the fifth artist in the exclusive cosmogonic circle of Thesaurós.

Elshan Ghasimi is a Persian musician and performance artist. She is one of the most well-known soloists of her generation; her instrument is the tar, a long-necked lute.

She was, at 17, the youngest member of the Iranian National Orchestra and studied the Persian and the so- called Caucasian tar under various masters in Tehran and Baku (Mohammad-Reza Lotfi, Dariush Talai and Hossein Alizadeh, amongst others).

In her compositions and performances, Ghasimi repeatedly draws on literary themes (e.g. Brecht, Gilgamesch, Nizām al-Mulk) and seeks to merge classical Persian music with Western paradigms through collaborations transcending genres (early music, jazz, electronic music).

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New Thesaurós Artist Michal Martychowiec

Bublitz gGmbH is pleased to welcome Martin Martychowiec, the fourth artist in the exclusive cosmogonic circle of Thesaurós.

He creates conceptual series of photographs, films, drawings, neons, objects, mix-media installations and environments.

He was awarded Distinction in MA Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. He is a visiting lecturer at the Russian Institute of History of Art (Russian Academy of Sciences) in St. Petersburg and China Academy of Art in Hangzhou.

Martychowiec’s oeuvre is structured through a mix media practice with an existential basis. The conceptual framework of his installations explores history, historic narratives, and consequently foundation of cultural symbols and archetypes.
Through these Martychowiec constructs an individual artistic language and narratives. His practice sources ideas from both, oriental and occidental philosophy, history, history of art, history of religion, literature, contemporary culture and communication.

The collaboration between Bublitz and Martychowiec began in the summer of 2016 as the occasion of the joint exhibition Engel mit Sphinx Gesichten.

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New Thesaurós Artist Edwin Moes

© Laura Fociños Mantecón

Bublitz gGmbH is pleased to welcome Gabriel, the third artist in the exclusive cosmogonic circle of Thesaurós.

Gabriel is a libertine, dancer and jester. He was born in Holland in the late 1960s. After an injury ruined his career as a dancer, he dedicated himself to following the traces of his own person. He abandoned his alter ego and became an artist to whom, it must be said, the prophetic proclamation is not alien...

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Mnemosyne Prelude – Elshan Ghasimi

Ghasimi's seven hour-long piece The letter of politics or rules for kings is embedded within a larger show with approximately 30 performers – The Kings. This in turn is the climax and concluding event of the exhibition Insights into fleeting lives developed by Barbara Caveng and Dachil Sado, which has been running at the Museum of European Cultures since the beginning of the year.

With her title The letter of politics or rules for kings, Ghasimi chooses the call of her Persian compatriot Nizam al-Mulk (1018 – 1092 AD), this greatest amongst the grand viziers, who headed the Seljuk empire for several generations. He also wrote a book about statesmanship, which apparently influenced Macciavelli, the title of which Ghasimi has borrowed; a manual about governance and thereby about clever strategy.

At the same time, Ghasimi's performance is the second prelude for Mnemosyne. A prelude for a goddess of the future – the word 'memory' also stems from her – and a reminder that culture is always a phenomenon of dispute, syncretic crystal, a result of untold dialogues.

UTC 7 HOURS PARALLEL PERFORMANCE, 01. July 2017, from 1pm

Entry anytime, Entry free

More informationen about the performance
More information about the exhibition

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MNEMOSYNE: In Search of the European Identity

Mnemosyne is a ten-year, pan-European and civic project. It is a new way of considering exhibitions, memory policy and culture at a time of the greatest threat since the Second World War. Initially launched 3 years ago as an exhibition project, Mnemosyne has now become a nexus for the most diverse protagonists (universities, schools, [technology] companies, human rights NGOs and museums among others).

The project derives its name from the Greek goddess of memory, Mnemosyne, from which the word memory also stems. The basic assumption of Mnemosyne. In search of the European identity is that without (shared) memory, no (European) identity can be formed. This applies to each individual, as well as to collectives, states and unions.

Just as talking about oneself reveals a person's identity, communities, too, create their identity by means of narratives. This occurs through memories with a national, or, in the particular case of Europe, a pan-European reference being passed on. Europe lacks these broad, common, positive narratives.

The multimedia exhibition, research and mediation project presented here is embarking on a search for just those ideas and stories of a common European self-image, which recognizes the differences of the various national states and vaults over them. It would like to invite people to identify with Europe and joyfully exclaim: Yes, I’m a European! Yes, I can gladly identify with these values and with this community! In this sense, the Mnemosyne project follows a historical-political aim.

A complex visualization of cultural history involving the newest technology and oldest myths will give rise to a new combination of historical narrative, art exhibition and participatory project.

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Engel mit Sphinx Gesichten / 3. Celebration

On this 9th of November several things take place. One of those is the 3rd celebration within the exhibition Engel mit Sphinx Gesichten.

On the tar the instrumentalist of classical persian music Elshan Ghasimi-Schindele welcomes us in duet with Alessandro Rauschmann. The performance artist who is better known as the URBANIST.

Please feel invited to create this joint ritual together.

Bublitz & Michal Martychowiec.
Engel mit Sphinx Gesichten // Xenien 1

MMS2 Claudiusstr. 6, 10557 Berlin, Germany
and in the entire Hansaquarter

until the 9th of November

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